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Preventive care in Bedford

Don’t wait until you have a cavity or are experiencing the effects of gum disease to do something about them. By then, you’re going to have some degree of discomfort or other issue to deal with, and you’ll have to undergo treatment to have it remedied. At Bedford Dental Care, we are committed to the benefits of preventive care, so that you rarely if ever have to address cavities or gum disease.

There are two types of prevention: first is stopping problems before they can even get started; second is to halt their progress at an early stage, thereby preventing serious consequences. Our Bedford dental office engages in both. Of course, all our efforts would not be nearly so effective if you did not eat nutritiously, limit your sugar and starch consumption to keep dental plaque growth reduced, and brush and floss every day. The simple truth, however, it that only at our Bedford dental office can you expect to have hardened tartar buildup eradicated. It cannot be done with home oral hygiene. And tartar is of the same composition as plaque, so it is also responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. It must be removed regularly. Tartar is eradicated with a teeth cleaning, and that also reverses the effects of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. So while you’ve still experienced gum disease, you can avoid the later stage and more noticeable results of it, such as bleeding gums when you brush, receding gums, persistent bad breath, and possible loss of gum and bone tissue.

The time to take advantage of our preventive care is right now. While it’s on your mind, reach out to our Bedford dental office so that we can schedule an appointment for your next examination and cleaning. Your teeth and gums deserve it.

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